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Unbearable weight pulling you down?
- Being overweight makes you appear pretty only in the manipulation of camera angles
- Being overweight makes it hard for you to go shopping
- Being overweight makes you sigh at clothes that do not fit you
- Being overweight makes you say No to good food
- Being overweight makes you less confident
- Being overweight lessens the attention of the opposite sex unto you
- Being overweight lessens your prospect in your career
- Being overweight gives a red light to your health

Why envy your idols on TV while you’re only someone ordinary?
Be a Goddess and look good all the time, from all angles!
Reasons why people gain weight:
- Poor eating habits
- Decreased metabolism rate
- Lack of exercise
- Aging
- Smoking
- Pregnancy
- Sleep deprivation
- Emotional factors
- Environmental factors
- Diseases and medication

Why Losing weight is important?
Aside from giving you a good figure, achieving a healthy weight is the way to overall health. If you’re overweight or obese, you will have the risk of suffering from these illnesses:-
- Hyperlipidemia or dyslipidemia
- Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance
- Congestive heart failure
- Gout
- Osteoarthritis
- Various types of cancer
- Poor female reproductive health
- Bladder control problems
- Psychological disorders

Benefits of Dark Cacao
• promote weight loss
• suppress appetite
• increase satiety
• inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and fats
• improve metabolism
• burning calories
• improve digestive health
• reduce total cholesterol levels

Dark Cacao features
» Convenient - can be taken anytime, anywhere, easy-to-carry packaging design!
» Tasty - yummylicious dark chocolate, slims you down happily!
» Effective - miraculously effective! Natural ingredient with no side effects!

**High-end technology extraction - safflower seed extract (CLA) - reduce abdominal fat Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) extracted from safflower seed oil, is a healthy fat, and in fact it acts as fuel to speed up fat burning. This enhanced metabolism burns fats fast through directly eliminating fat cells. In addition, CLA also helps balancing blood sugar levels to ease losing weight. It improves immunity, protects against inflammatory by developing antioxidant capacity.

Ingredients: Green tea extract, dark cacao powder, organic soy flour, safflower seed extract (conjugated linoleic acid, CLA), guarana extract, Gymnema, black pepper extract, lecithin, lysine, vitamin B6, skimmed milk powder.

Directions »To be taken before breakfast » Pour one sachet directly into the mouth. Please drink 200-300ml of water after taking this product Storage »Store in cool, dry places. »Do not expose to direct sunlight. »Keep away from children.

*Note: Individual who has gastric problem, take 30 minutes after breakfast.

Serving size 3 grams per sachet

Who should not take Burning Fat Products:

* Heart disease * Kidney disease * Person under 18 years old * Person over 60 years old * Pregnant * Lactation Mummy * Serious Diabetes * Serious Hypertension * Lymphatic goiter (recommandation by doctor if needed) * After surgery * Tumor/cancer patients

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