Ecoheal uses two processes PSN(photosynthesis) and PHI(photo-hydrogen-ionization) combined to enhance the purification of the air that you breath indoor.

*PSN is a process using photons to convert water molecules (H2O) that creates energy to neutralize bacteria and viruses, it is a continuous process when the air is charged by light to a certain spectrum.

*Photo-hydro-ionization (PHI) technology, which simulates the natural interaction between sunlight, water and chlorophyll. The proactive PHI technology decomposes and interacts with the equivalent of light and water to obtain the air of ultimate purity. PHI is a process that converts water molecules (H2O) into ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules (H2O2) which is a very powerful disinfectant used by doctors. The reaction between bacteria and (H2O2) generates water (H2O) and oxygen that provides you with clean air.

  • Aug 16, 2021
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