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SAPPHIRE Enzyme Serum formulated with an advanced innovative technology from France and mix with one of the special contains- Blue Peppermint Particles, which is massage over on skin to reduce fatty under the skin. It’s included multiple mineral to burning fat and protects our skin. Daily use can process fat burning, lightens cellulite, skin nourishes, skin firming and others to target perfect body shaping. Let’s SAPPHIRE Enzyme Serum beautifies you as a super star!

Main Ingredients & Benefits of SAPPHIRE Enzyme Serum
Blue Peppermint Particles- 3 Premium Point
Beauty Skin
Essence from Peppermint Extract has effect of aromatherapy and protects the skin.
Fat Burning
Menthol of peppermint can accelerate the cell cycle, decomposition, burn body fat.
Relieve stress, healing emotions
Peppermint contains volatile oil, mint and fine tannin and other substances, it helps to eliminate fatigue, relieve pressure on the skin.

Cafeisilane C
Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerate fat metabolism, reduces odema, and effectively lightens cellulite
Lubrajel Oil
Multiple moisturizing bases, increase skin nourishes, improving moisture retention and locking aqueous
Collagen Extract
Skin moisturizing, shrink pores, skin firming and skin elasticity
Decomposition fat acids by oxidative process

The Effectively Advantages of SAPPHIRE Enzyme Serum
Laboratory research, High Innovative Technology
Safety Dermatology
Maintaining the nature of cortical layers texture, clean and fresh
Stimulate skin moisturize locking, deep hydrated

3 Steps, let’s your body shaping and moisturizing
Lipolysis Reaction   Skin Firming   Skin Moisturizing 

Squeeze Sapphire Enzyme Serum over on shaping part. Gently massage and break the Blue Mint Particles to fully penetrate into the skin.
Blue Mint Particles feels cold after broken. There will feeling warm after few minutes. According the individual thermal sensation circumstances, it may be appropriate to increase or decrease the amount of Sapphire Enzyme Serum.
Applies twice a day to give the best result, preferably after shower and morning.

①Avoid contact with eyes. Please rinse with plenty of water until completely feeling not hot if touch into eyes.
②Wash your hand clean with hand soap after use.
③Not recommended for pregnant lady and people below 10 years old.

-For those who need body shaping
-For those who feared of side effects
-For those who do not like a lot of movement

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