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Stimulate Your Body Energy
Vigor For Active Lifestyle
Transformation To Happy Life 

The pressure from daily work life, tension lifestyle, lack of sleep, fatigue, radiation from electronic devices, have become the main reason of men’s liver illness and prostatitis.

For living and career, these pressure seems to be unavoidable. The aging of our body is inevitable. Just like our hair is growing grey, wrinkles on our skin, organ inside our body such as liver and prostate get old too.

We need to figure out a way to adapt to the aging of our body.

Among men aged 35 and over,
1 out of 2 men are suffering for these problem,
Among 80-year-old men,
8 out of 10,
Thus, greatly affects their married life.

Common Early Symptoms of Prostatitis:

1. Increased Frequency of Urination
Prostatitis patients, regardless of day or night, increased in the frequency of urination than usual, far more than the 3 to 4 times a day. Interval time between urination gets short and always feel the needs to urinate.
2. Poor Urination
Prostatitis patients feel the needs to urinate but have to wait a long while in toilet for to urine to come. The discharge is weak and the urine sometimes driblling around and drop down slowly.These are the early symptoms of prostatitis these men need to pay attention to the threat gland hyperplasia.
3. Nighttime Incontinence
Uncontrolled flow of urine while sleeping. Severe prostatitis patients might suffering these problem during days time too.
4. Interrupted Urination
Early symptoms of prostatitis, urine crystals aggregated to form bladder stones, causing sudden interruption of urination. Interrupted urination and bladder stones are strong symptoms of prostatitis to the elder.
5. Sexual Function Decline
Affect the quality of married life. Serious patients might suffering for impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms.

The Damages of Prostatitis:

Prostatitis can cause the patient’s general neurasthenia, long-term pressure pressure, depression, fear of their sexual function declination. The patients will facing Psychological pressure and less confident. These pressure leads to unorganized life style which is very unhealthy and will worsen the problem. These will ultimately affect the normal working life and even lead to impotence problems.

1). Affect sexual function, lead to impotence, premature ejaculation
Due to long-term failure to cure the disease, the symptoms and discomfort aggravated after sexual intercourse, or directly affect the feelings and the quality of life for patients resulting in a vicious stimulus gradually to show a sense of disgust, leading to impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.
2). Pain Affecting working and daily life
Because inflammation stimulation, a series of symptoms, such as lumbosacral, perineum, testicles and other parts of pain, urinary endless, nocturia happens and irritate the patient, affect his working and daily life.
3). Affect fertility
Long-term chronic inflammation causes the changes prostate fluid composition, and affecting prostate secretory function, thereby affecting semen liquefaction time, decreased sperm motility and lead to infertility.
4). Lead to the development of chronic nephritis with uremia
Prostatitis if not treated in time, can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia, and cause oppression on bladder outlet, and causes urine unable to be emptied completely (PVR). PVR is a good medium for bacterial growth, coupled with impaired bladder mucosal defense mechanism, it can easily lead to urinary tract infections such as pyelonephritis. At this situation, if the treatment is not done in time and toatlly, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, etc., will lead to the development of nephritis, and finally the development of uremia.
5). Endocrine disorders caused
Under normal circumstances, the prostate can secrete a variety of active substances. Because of prostate inflammation, endocrine disorders, can cause nervous breakdown, may appear insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, mental retardation, memory loss and other symptoms.
6). Gynecological inflammation caused by infection spouse
Prostatitis can be transmitted to his wife, especially some special bacteria infection caused by prostatitis, the inflammation can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, such as fungal prostatitis, trichomonas prostatitis, prostatitis gonorrhea, non-gonococcal (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma) prostatitis.
7). Susceptible to tumor
1985 American Cancer data suggest that virues might be the factor of the most important substance of oncogene. A group of American retrospective study found that there is a statistically significant link between prostate and gonorrhea incidence rate, which made the etiology of prostate cancer and sexually transmitted diseases and chronic viral infection. New research shows that normal prostatic fluid contains an anti-cancer substances, important to inhibit tumor. While the prostate cancer reduce this anti-cancer substance, which can lead to tumor growth.
8). High potential to have infection
Human prostate contains an antibacterial substance, the prostate antibacterial factor. When inflammation happens in the prostate, this antibacterial substance reduce, and therefore likely to have infection. Prostatitis caused by infection can lead to acute urinary retention, acute Seminal or epididymitis, inflammation of the vas deferens, spermatic cord lymph nodes or tenderness, etc. In some serious cases, it might cause severe groin pain or renal colic.

Sino-German Collaboration Technology
Research & Development

German developers did number of studies and come into the results that showing more than 15 kinds of trace elements like: flavonoids, glycosylated flavonoids, straight-chain organic acids, steroids, androgen, etc., are proved to be effective to promote cardiovascular circulatory system, without adding burder to the nerves, muscles and heart. These substances povide rapid supplements to the body’s energy, endurance and stamina. With all these substances, K-II is the best nutritional supplement for all sports enthusiasts.

Medical studies have proved that high levels of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides can promote blood flow to the male reproductive organs, prompting cavernosum smooth muscle cells activated cyclic guanosine monophosphate CGMP, produce relaxation effect to increase blood flow, may promote normal organ function and improve sensitivity degree, improve health and promote marriage life better. Besides, the report shows the usage of K-II improve health while bring no side effects for men.

K-II uses the latest German extraction technology, a unique complex formula consists of three main natural ingredient silymarin, cynomorium, red Pueraria cream fermentation. These ingredient enhance the effect of K-II so much, and they are easily absorbed by the human body.

K-II consists of pure natural plant extracts, popular in Europe, one of the first successful men products!

Sublingual absorption.

K-II dissolved in mouth under the tounge and hundreds of nutirests are absorded unconsciously. Effective after comsuption of 2 to 5 sachets. Proved effective by number of users and 95% of them are statisfied with the result and return to get more.The world’s best men’s treasure, soon will be the hottest product in southeast asia. Is definitely your best choice!

Main Effects:

  • 1 Protection For Liver
  • 2 Reduce fatigue
  • 3 Moisturising the skin / Balancing of the endocrine system
  • 4 Improve insomnia problem
  • 5 Reduce diabetes / blood pressure / cholesterol
  • 6 Reduce menstrual pain / vaginal / cold
  • 7 Improve man sexual function
  • 8 Increase physical strength and endurance
  • 9 Anti-aging
  • 10 Improvement in nocturia
  • 11 Helps with inability to urinate / hemorrhoids
  • 12 Improve Prostatitis / Urination Issues

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