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Aloe vera is a miracle plants because of its well known healing propoties for the skin.
Aloe vera have a high water content (over 99% water) and it is a great way to hydrate.moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. The magical plant is also used for the treatment of various kind of diseases and iliness.

Miracle Aloe Vera Gel have all the benifits that is worth a try as a natural approach to ageless and healthy skin from head to toe.In order to achieve proper skin restoration.
Miracle Aloe Vera Gel needs to be applied everyday.You will definitely fall in love with the results!

* One bottle 500ml could last up to 3-4 Months

Medical Effects
- Use for external causes of injuries such as insect bites, cuts, cuts, burns, frostbite, etc. have a good bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bleeding and pain and promote skin regeneration itching effect.
- In particular, to promote wound healing has a very significant role in the use of Miracle Aloe Vera Gel treatment can significantly shorten the healing time is not leaving scars. Treatment time to wash the wound, apply three to four times a day.
- For the cells and virus-infected cells occurs in concentrated sores, skin ulcers, paronychia, mouth ulcers, toothache, Miracle Aloe Vera Gel can be applied directly.

Special Care
- Very helpful for sun repair, calm the skin, eliminate sun discomfort, Miracle Aloe Vera Gel repair components of aloe to help improve skin against external aggressions.
- Apply a light layer of Miracle Aloe Vera Gel on face before makeup to make a more natural & shinny look
- Can be used if baby's face or butt has a rash.

- Miracle Aloe Vera Gel contains a unique protein, and this substance is an important component of cell aging prevention and treatment of chronic allergies. It has an active cell viability, delay skin aging, convergence, to reconcile the skin, reducing acne regeneration.
- It soothes skin irritation, keep skin healthy and prevent rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, not irritating to the skin.
- It makes the skin firm and effective seal in moisture, inhibit the production of melanin, whitening moisturizing achieve the best results.

100% absolutely can replace all of the daily skin care products and body lotion.

[Hair] :  It can be used to soften and for shinny hair, also inhibits the formation of dandruff and reduce hair loss problems. Apply Miracle Aloe Vera Gel at the head sclap and dry hair tail.

[Eyes] : Apply cold Miracle Aloe Vera Gel on a cotton pad and apply gently on around the eyes,can relieve dryness and reduce black eye puffiness.

[Lips] : Can be used for moisturizing effect for cracked lip.

[Teeth] : Oral dental diseases which coating which would hurt, can relieve pain.

[Nails] : Apply Miracle Aloe Vera Gel to the damaged nails and massage, it can help restore nails shiny.
- Suitable for dry hand / foot nails too.

[Private Part] :
- It has a bactericidal function
- If the symptoms of vaginal itching can also be used together with the shower gel to reduce itchness.

[Armpit, Beard, Body hair] : Apply after shaving hair can be used to soothe and to avoid post-shave redness, acne and black spots.

Main Ingredient
*Aloe Vera, Oak Bark, Carnomite, Mallow, Mulberry, Witch Hazel and Balancing Water.

[ Mallow]
- It has anti-inflammatory, for two metalloproteinases have good inhibitory effect.

- Known as "folk saint fruit", the nutritional value is extremely rich, and thicken the sauce like honey, sweet and delicious.
- It has anti-aging, moisturizing beauty in tolerance effect.

[Witch Hazel]
- Is a high efficacy of medicinal value and beauty of plants.
- It can effectively improve the cracks, sunburn, acne and other skin problems.
- Help inflammation, ease irritated skin and accelerate wound healing, helps skin regeneration.

[Organic Chamomile]
- Called "plant doctor" analgesic function, and improve ongoing infection.
- Ease the muffled muscle pain,
- Calm headaches, neuralgia, toothache and earache
- Manufacture of stimulating white blood cells, and thus to resist bacteria, strengthen the immune system.
- Relieve burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers and more.
- Help improve eczema, acne, herpes, psoriasis, ultra-sensitive skin, and general allergy.
- Heal broken capillaries, increase flexibility, easy to dry itchy skin is excellent.

- Apply the right amount of Aloe Vera Gel to the disired area and massage it before leaving it to dry.
- Apply Aloe Vera Gel soon after taking shower is advisable as the skin is clean.

- Add a little amount of Aloe Vera Gel during apply night cream, it will absorb faster and provide moisturises effect.
- Aloe Vera Gel can be used as gel mask. (Apply one layer of Aloe Vera Gel, leave it around 15-20 minutes and rinse off.)
- Store in the refrigerator for cooling effect.

- Store in a cool dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.




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