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『Miracle of Power』
100% natural HIMALAYA ore pendant ❄natural ore extracted from the Himalayan mountain in Tibet. ❄The ore contains positive energy that can balance out the ion in human body ❄Law of attraction- positive energy attract many opportunities and people

Fact: everyone has negative energy in the body Symptom: tiredness, depression, hot tempered, negative minded, health problem,no confidence, nervous, anxiety

The good news is: This himalaya natural ore can heal & provide positive energy to our body. Therefore: -strengthen & balance out ions in our body -attract love, improve relationship, love and marriage -increase self-confidence -more persuasive & convincing when communicate with society, friends, lover, family -bring in wealth and prosperity -help in business life and attract opportunities This natural himalayan healing pendant suitable does not interfere with race or religion. It is scientifically proven to improve positive energy in the body.

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