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New generation of nude makeup king! Farewell thick powder times. Magical jelly texture, with a shake before, Water touched touch through the transparent no oil and water, Anti-sweat, invisible moisturizing skin care skin care, a new generation of nude makeup king! Nude Shake 6 effect 1 set one! Looking finish bottle! Make-up water, makeup before the milk, essence, Cream, liquid foundation, powder are all thrown away! A bottle of six bottles 8 great miracle Seconds on the makeup, perfect skin, no oil texture, waterproof sweat, flawed invisible, Lock water moisturizing, light and transparent, even bright skin! But also your skin through the zero burden, is lazy and social busy people must artifact! In addition to white and can still do more for you! More moisturizing than traditional foundation! BB cream than the heat more light paste paste! More durable than the CC cream is not Tuo makeup, More quickly than the cream cream on the makeup, skin pores appear zero, completely not card powder, Dry skin MM used to moisturize, even if the mixture of partial oil skin MM paint Do not feel the feeling of oil sticky, sensitive skin can also be used Oh! Nude Shake 6 in 1 UV Smoothie Seconds fast on the makeup! Skin instant super natural, pigment even water bright, how to look are slippery water tender. Let you have a different skin feel! Ingredients: Water, glycerol, squalene, cyclopentadimethylsiloxane, cyclohexylsiloxane, isohexadecane, Titanium dioxide, trehalose, cetyl PEG / PPG-10/1 polydimethylsiloxane, Butter fruit tree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII) fruit fat, polydimethylsiloxane, Magnesium stearate, cod liver oil, magnesium sulfate, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, B-glucan, Peony (PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA) root extract, ginger phenyl methyl ester, antelope phenyl acrylate, Iron oxide red (CI77491) iron oxide yellow (CI77492), bis (pyamethyl) imidazolidinyl urea, Iodopropynyl alcohol butyl carbamate.

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