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Perliere by mimi Pearl Cream Function:  
》Whitening & Moisturizing
》Reducing Acne/Blemishes/Pimples
》Pore minimizing
》Enhance the smoothness and soft skin
》Remove scars
》Lighten dark spot
》Balance skin tone. 

Deep Sea pearl granules,  
Colostrum, Mineral essence, Rose extract, Meadowfoam extract, Immortelle anti allergy factors and other substances, the Chinese traditional secret recipe for curing acne skin.
No artificial colouring and preservative are added. It is safety to use.  

Suitable for all includes pregnant woman.
Thus, it is best to use within 3 months after open the product.

Steps to use:
1) Clean your face with proper cleanser.
2) After cleansing, apply toner or lotion water on face.
3) Apply Perliere by mimi pearl cream on face while it still in moisture condition for best absorption. 
4) May re-apply solely on pimples area to increase the effectiveness.

5) Not advise to use any product after you applied perliere by mimi pearl cream as it might weaken the effect. 

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