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Tremella-Dx J'pan Enzyme Nite Perfect Body Figure Drink

Appy Japan Tecnology Trebeaut to help promote weight loss

* Slimming

* Anti-aging Whitening

* Enzyme

Who should take the Tremella-Dx J'pan Enzyme Nite drink 

- Constipation

- Excess Fat

- Body Edema


Tremella Powder

Strawberry Powder

Green Tea Powder

Pumpkin Fruit Powder



Main Ingredient: Tremella 

9 Funtion

1. Tremella can be laxative gum containing more 

2. Tremella dietary fiber can help the stomach and intestines

3. Tremella rich natural vegetable gum

4. Can enhance liver detoxification capacity

5. Rich in vitamin D

6. Tremella can also enhance radiotherapy of cancer patients

7. Tremella can enhance the body's immunity to tumor

8. Lungs cough Tremella is an ancient treatment of tuberculosis (TB) cough

9. Tremella active ingredient in an acidic polysaccharides

Tremella-Dx J'pan Enzyme Nite drink 

- Unhealthy Diet

- Insomnia

- Chemical Product

- Stree

- Pale Complexion

- Ageing

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