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Your skin care routine is super personal but with all of the cleansers, toners, serums, and more out there, your skincare routine can get seriously overwhelming, so it's best to focus less on how many steps you have and more on which steps are right for your skin type.
With our BLACK ROSE EXCLUSIVE is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions.

This exclusive set includes Nutritive Face Smoothing Toner from Herla's Black Rose Series that keep skin moisturizes and soft 24/7. It includes Black Rose series favorite, Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Day lift Cream, a whipped, emollient that improves skin's firmness and elasticity, while helping provide immediate wrinkle relaxation and long-lasting epidermis restoration for dry, distressed skin. Revitalizing Micellar Water is a universal cleanser for all skin types that gives skin its daily step of hydration for soft and silky smooth skin.

Lift Rejuvenating Face Dry oil is a lightweight face oil serum that gives the right amount of hydration without feeling heavy or sticky. This quick-absorbing Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Lift Cream provides immediate hydration while leaving a delicate-soft finish skin around the eyes.

Day after day, dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of your skin, leaving your complexion feeling rough. Sometimes, a cleanser just isn’t enough to solve this issue, which is where our Multi-Nutritive Exfoliating face mask comes in. Intense Anti-Aging Night Remedy Cream is a super-charged night cream that hydrates skin and helps visibly combat the appearance of key signs of aging.

Black Rose Exclusive is your perfect solution to help restore skin's hydration for a softer, smoother and more supple-looking complexion.


Your day skincare routine      : Micellar Water Cleanse, Toner, Face Dry Oil, Day lift Cream, Eye Lift Cream.
Your night skincare routine   : Micellar Water Cleanse, Toner, Face Dry Oil, Night Remedy Cream, Eye Lift Cream.
Your mask skincare rountine:
  • For oily skin type                                          : more than twice a week
  • For normal skin type                                  :  twice a week
  • For delicate or sensitive skin type       : once a week

For how-to information, visit individual product listings.


  1. Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Day Lift Cream (50ml)
  2. Intense Anti-Aging Night Remedy Cream (50ml)
  3. Nutritive Face Smoothing Toner (200ml)
  4. Revitalizing Micellar Water Face and Eyes Make-up Remover (200ml)
  5. Multi-Nutritive Exfoliating Face Mask (50ml)
  6. Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Lift Cream (15ml)
  7. Lift Rejuvenating Face Dry Oil (15ml)


  • Dry and irritated skin
  • Dullness and rough complexion
  • Less elasticity
  • More visible lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Dark circles
  • Puffy eyes
  • Under eye bags

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