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JUICY-D Jelly Pudding

*The sweet encounter of peach and pudding brings a beautiful journey…

*Nowadays, there are a lot of people have pot belly, due to the improvement of living conditions, as well as the work pressures. Ladies with pot belly are easily to be found in those economically developed regions. Intestinal is an important digestion and absorption system of our body, where nutrient is absorbed here, while toxic and waste are discharged from here as well. Constipation may cause a large number of putrefaction accumulated in intestinal. This will lead toxin and waste unable to be discharged and furthermore, they might be reabsorbed. The reabsorbed toxin and waste may be accumulated in stomach and bring the pot belly. You will lose your slender waist once you have the pot belly. It’s important to know that a beauty should not related with jaundice, pot belly and dark skin.

*Juicy D. Jelly Pudding is delicious like a dessert, as its texture is smooth and it’s rich with fruity. It may fulfil the food requirement of modern people with its appearance and taste. The pudding able to cleanse internally and beautify skin. Its natural plant extracts are scientifically processed. The texture is sweet and delicious. The pudding able to boost metabolism, expels toxin from body, improves and regulates gastrointestinal function, and promote cells metabolism. Besides, it expels toxin in a healthy way, improves constipation, physically coordinating, slimming, and strengthen immune system. Juicy D. Jelly Pudding helps you to look prettier!

Ingredients List

Water, Konjac Powder, Fructose, Peach juice Powder, Chia Seed, Milk Thistle Extract and Sodium Benzoate.

Konjac Powder- Konjc powder is significantly increased bifidobacteria counts, associated with decreased Escherichia coli.- Promoted colonic fermentation.- Promotes good gastric motility.

Peach Juice Powder- Good for maintaining healthy digestive health due to their alkaline content and fiber.- Helps in cleansing and eliminating the toxic waste from intestines.- Its laxative properties help in the dissolution of kidneys and bladder stones

Chia Seed- High in omega-3fatty acids which is benefit to heart health.- Contain zero cholesterol but a good source of several minerals such as calcium, phosphorus,manganese, zinc and copper.- High in antioxidants, prevent the production of free radicals.

Milk Thistle Extract- Preventing liver damage.- Promotes weight loss- Defend skin from free radical damage.

DirectionDirect consume 1 cup of jelly pudding 30 minutes before bedtime daily.

Storage- Store in a cool, dry place.- Do not expose direct to sunlight.- Keep out of reach of children.

Serving Size8 Cups 30 grams

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